Softer but still me...

Last week I finished up working on a new digital illustration. It was inspired by some lovely photo reference by Harbor and Hill that I follow on Instagram. If you want to see some amazing travel photos, you should check out them out!

I recently purchased and downloaded some new watercolor and gouache brushes to use for my iPad. I just love the results! This illustration is a little softer in color and texture than my normal work.

Prints coming soon of this illustration! Maybe cards too….

Artwork by Michigan artist, Cheryl Oz

Artwork by Michigan artist, Cheryl Oz

Even on the darkest of days, always look for the Sun!

I started drawing this digital illustration a few days ago. I was inspired by my friend Jenni, who is working on illustrations for a children’s book. Her latest endeavor has been working on the #100dayproject keeping all of her illustrations based around the idea if she lived in a castle. Cute, right!?!
The little girl in the illustration was not originally going to be me, but as I drew her, she felt more and more like me. That’s why I ended up putting a pup in her arms too. She’s just like my sweet pup who is always by my side.

When I worked on the darker background the previous day, I really liked it, but then the next day when I opened up the file, I was thinking to myself, “geez, this is so gloomy!” If this girl is supposed to be me, I don’t like gloomy days. I mean we all have them, whether they are in the literal sense or not. The idea of having the Sun peeking out behind a gloomy day with beautiful blue skies felt just right to me. The words came to me shortly thereafter.
Please inquire if you would like an art print of this illustration.


Digital illustration created by Michigan artist, Cheryl Oz.