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Even on the darkest of days, always look for the Sun!

I started drawing this digital illustration a few days ago. I was inspired by my friend Jenni, who is working on illustrations for a children’s book. Her latest endeavor has been working on the #100dayproject keeping all of her illustrations based around the idea if she lived in a castle. Cute, right!?!
The little girl in the illustration was not originally going to be me, but as I drew her, she felt more and more like me. That’s why I ended up putting a pup in her arms too. She’s just like my sweet pup who is always by my side.

When I worked on the darker background the previous day, I really liked it, but then the next day when I opened up the file, I was thinking to myself, “geez, this is so gloomy!” If this girl is supposed to be me, I don’t like gloomy days. I mean we all have them, whether they are in the literal sense or not. The idea of having the Sun peeking out behind a gloomy day with beautiful blue skies felt just right to me. The words came to me shortly thereafter.
Please inquire if you would like an art print of this illustration.


Digital illustration created by Michigan artist, Cheryl Oz. 

New loose style

As an artist, I like to experiment with new things from time to time. Even after all of these years of being an artist, I still love trying new techniques, mediums, and taking classes. I think it’s important to continue the learning and growing process. Some folks think illustrators and artists, should have one unique style. I disagree with that, but I also understand that point of view, having been an Art Director in my past life. I’ll get into this more at a later date.

I’ve been wanting to create a new loose style for awhile now. It’s still a work in progress, because I’m still playing with figuring out which digital brushes and textures feel right to me. Here’s what I’ve already learned about working on a loose style. It’s not as easy as it looks, and it’s not necessarily a lot faster. It is a little faster, but still takes an artful eye, skill and effort. My style has always been to work detailed and more realistic, so this is a nice departure from that. Right now I’m focusing on using Procreate for a digital version of this style, but sometimes I will work in watercolor, maybe sometimes, a mix of colored pencils and watercolor or gouache, basically I’ll decide what I feel for the day when I’m working in this style. I’m really enjoying the process and this journey right now.

For my subjects, I’m going to focus on food, because I love to cook. I’ll be focusing on my favorite recipes to start. The first one I chose is by Bon Appetit, “No-Fail Roast Chicken with Lemon and Garlic.” We love having a roasted chicken for dinner because for one, it’s a delicious dinner, but, also to me the best part is that we always have a lot of chicken for leftovers for the week. There’s so many things to do with leftover chicken.

This recipe is delicious. The lemons and garlic become deeply caramelized. Once you slice the chicken to serve, the lemon drizzled over the chicken is amazing. I like to just eat the roasted garlic as we eat the chicken, but if that’s too intense of a garlic flavor for you, then try mashing the garlic in some potatoes. Sometimes I throw in a few potatoes and other veggies, while the chicken is roasting too, and then you have a simple one pan dinner. In the past, I’ve saved some of the garlic and made a delicious, roasted garlic vinaigrette for the week. So many good things come from this recipe!

Digital illustration by Cheryl Oz

Digital illustration by Cheryl Oz

Welcome to my new site!

HOORAY! I’m excited to finally launch my new portfolio website! When I finally decided to have my online portfolio, I knew I wanted the design to be simple, clean and lot of white space. I use a lot of white space in my work, so I wanted something that would make the vivid colors in my work, standout and sparkle. It was also important for me to have a site with easy navigation, and to be honest for me to quickly update with new artwork. I’ve had personal websites before, I used to design wedding stationery. I’ll tell you more about that another time. I’ll try to update new work as often as I create it, to keep the material fresh. I’ll also try to announce when I’m having something exciting happening in the studio, events, sales in my Etsy shop too, any other random creative thoughts I might have, and of course new recipes that I may love and like to share. I love to cook as much as I love creating art! I hope you love the site as much as I do, this little puppy is long over-due!

Thank you so much to my husband who puts up with all of my artist craziness! Coincidentally, I’m making my first blog post on our 16th anniversary. YAY! I can’t imagine what my life would have ever been without you. Thank you for all you do and your endless amount of support! I love our journey together. XO XO

Thank you to my friends and family, especially you Mom, (and if Dad were here I know he would be so proud too)!

Last but never least, thank you, thank you to all of the clients who have hired me to do work for them. My customers from brick and mortar shops, the shop owners (Theresa, Melissa, Holly, Nicole and Kat) who carry my work and their employees (Janine!) that work so hard to sell my work, my customers at art fairs and my online Etsy customers too!

You’re all a part of making my artist dreams come true! THANK YOU!