digital watercolor

Softer but still me...

Last week I finished up working on a new digital illustration. It was inspired by some lovely photo reference by Harbor and Hill that I follow on Instagram. If you want to see some amazing travel photos, you should check out them out!

I recently purchased and downloaded some new watercolor and gouache brushes to use for my iPad. I just love the results! This illustration is a little softer in color and texture than my normal work.

Prints coming soon of this illustration! Maybe cards too….

Artwork by Michigan artist, Cheryl Oz

Artwork by Michigan artist, Cheryl Oz

Warm Butternut Squash Chickpea Salad

In keeping with my new style, I created this digital illustration “Warm Butternut Squash Chickpea Salad” by Smitten Kitchen. The recipe is actually for a salad without the greens, but I love adding mixed greens and putting the squash/chickpea mixture on top. The tahini dressing is creamy, and addictive. I could literally eat this dressing with a spoon. I don’t, but I could. I may lick the spoon though after I drizzle all of that creamy goodness over my salad. It’s very hearty, filling salad that will keep you satisfied until your next meal. I make this salad so often that I usually buy a larger squash and cut it up in cubes and freeze it for a later date.